About Olives Kitchen

Olive’s Kitchen are an award winning, independent healthy caterer based in Bury, Greater Manchester. Olive’s Kitchen was established on Bolton Street in July 2020 and quickly enjoyed remarkable success both within our café and wider external catering business. In March 2022, Olive’s Kitchen was awarded ‘Gold’; The Bury Catering Award for Health & Sustainability. This is a testament to our strong ethos, vision, and values. In November 2022, Olive’s Kitchen relocated to The Fusilier Museum, Moss Street, significantly increasing our seating capacity and allowing us to provide a more expansive menu. In addition, the relocation allowed us to partner with the museum with the provision of flexible event space, catering and bar services for any occasion. Olive’s Kitchen has a clear commitment to supporting other local businesses, the local community and by sharing our concern for the environment we put great emphasis on providing high quality, freshly prepared, seasonal, and locally sourced ingredients – prepared and cooked daily. Our range of soups, one-pots, sandwiches, salads and pasta pots are all freshly made with no need of preservatives, stabilisers, emulsifiers or additives allowing our customers to rest assured that the ingredients that they are eating are natural and wherever possible local. Olive’s Kitchen believes that old-fashioned slow cooking of quality ingredients equals not only great tasting food but healthy eating too. With that premise, our menu’s continually change to bring the best of seasonal produce.